You are currently viewing Winter Hair Care: 5 Simple Ways to Style Your Deep Wave Hair
Winter Hair Care: 5 Simple Ways to Style Your Deep Wave Hair

Winter Hair Care: 5 Simple Ways to Style Your Deep Wave Hair

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Our hair may feel dry and brittle as the days grow shorter and colder. Our locks may become tangled due to the icy winds and stifling cold air.

But you can maintain healthy, luscious locks all year round with a little tender care and attention. So, read forward to know how to style your deep wave hair during the winter seasons in 5 simple ways.

Co-washing is a way of washing your hair without using conventional shampoo. Shampoos contain ingredients like silicones and sulfates that can harm your deep wave weave or wig. These shampoos can intensify the dryness and brittleness of your wavy hair during winter.

So, co-wash your deep-wave human hair with or without a specific shampoo for wavy hair. Use a conditioner free of silicone and sulfates to hydrate your hair and seal it in moisture.

1. Avoiding Heat And Over-Styling

It is really important to embrace your deep wave hair. To style your hair, you dont need a complicated routine. Sometimes all it takes to maintain healthy locks are just a few easy steps. The best way to do so is by not using too much heat or over-styling. With frequent heat-styling your hair will become dry, resulting in dull and lackluster strands.

You can also experiment with your fresh looks and create finger braids, buns, twists, and hairstyles that do not require the use of heat.

2. Deep Conditioning Your Deep Wave Hair

Always Go For Deep Conditioning
Always Go For Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning your deep-wave human hair once a week is really important, and it should be a part of your wavy hair routine to seal in the moisture and rehydrate the hair as much as possible.

After applying enough conditioner to your deep wave lace front wig put a shower cap on for 15 or 20 minutes. This method will help make your hair feel soft, silky, and moisturized after deep conditioning.

3. Don’t Use A Humidifier

During the winter season, we turn up the heat inside our house, and as a result, the air becomes too dry, which will cause your deep wave hair to become brittle and more prone to damage and breakage. Installing a humidifier in your home can prevent your hair from drying.

4. Sleeping On Silk Or Satin Pillows

Choosing a silk or satin pillow for your deep wave closure is important. This will help your hair get less frizzy when you wake up. Always choose silk bedding over cotton bedding. The cotton fabrics will wick moisture from your hair, and sleeping on a cotton pillowcase will leave your hair dry and staticky.

But, if you choose the silk pillowcase, it will help in retain moisture and minimize friction.

5. Using Oil Treatments For Your Hair

Oil Treatments Work the Best
Oil Treatments Work the Best

You can use hair treatments like natural oils for a healthier deep wave closure during winter. The oils will help your hairstyle retain moisture and provide nutrients. If you have damaged deep-wave hair, oiling the ends of your hair will be beneficial. It can make your hair soft again and add a lovely shine.


The Final Word
The Final Word

You don’t always have to tie your deep wave into a bun during winter to get away with damaged deep-wave hair. With the right steps and maintenance procedures, you can always keep glorious health or retain the health of your deep-wave hair during winter. So, follow the steps from above and always wear that beautiful deep-wave hair with pride.

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