What printing method is the best?

Promotional clothing or clothes with self-designed prints are a great way to stand out from the crowd. Nowadays, given the huge selection of different technologies and materials, we not only expect the print to be made, but also to be assured of its durability. Why is it so important and how to obtain the best custom t shirt printing effect by choosing the appropriate printing method?

Why is print quality so important?

Everyone knows that sometimes it doesn’t matter what you wear, but whether you look clean and neat. A good quality T-shirt should not be stretched – it must fit well on the body and keep its shape. It cannot be faded, washed or dirty. To stop this newness effect on the T-shirt, you should, of course, follow the rules for washing and caring for your clothes, in accordance with the recommendations on the label. Choosing the right printing technology is also very important. We all know perfectly well the problem of prints that crumble, fade or become sticky, which makes them quickly dirty and does not look aesthetically pleasing.¬†T-shirts with prints¬†made using an appropriate method maintain a favorable, fresh appearance for a long time, even after repeated washing.

What determines the durability of the print?

To obtain a durable, effective print on a T-shirt, it is best to use the services of a professional printing house that provides such services. You don’t have to be familiar with the principles of printing or printing technologies – a representative of the company dealing with this will certainly advise you which type of printing to choose. What is very important – in the best agencies you do not have to provide the T-shirts or sweatshirts on which the print is to be made yourself. These companies cooperate with clothing manufacturers and know well what to expect from their products, which is why they prefer to work with them.

The durability of the print depends primarily on the material it is made on. Some prints fit better on cotton, others on polyester, and still others on appropriate mixtures of various fibers. Each printing technique uses a different substance, characterized by its typical chemical composition, which, when combined with the fabric, gives the effect of proper adhesion to it. T-shirts with your own print can also be ordered in some types of printing with an unusual effect, for example with glitter or in a neon color. Whether a given print will be durable depends not only on whether the clothes are washed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, but also on whether the appropriate printing method has been used for a given type of fabric.

Printing technique and circulation

When you plan to print on T-shirts, you must also take into account specialists’ advice regarding quantity. This means – adjusting the printing technique so that printing is profitable for a given number of orders. If you plan to print a funny pattern on one T-shirt that you want to give to someone as a gift, small-volume techniques – for example thermal transfer – will be a better choice. It does not require a complicated and time-consuming preparation for printing procedure, so you can easily make a T-shirt in a small number. Screen printing is the most popular method of printing on T-shirts, which gives good results and is efficient, but requires appropriate preparation of machines, which makes it profitable only to print large quantities of T-shirts using this method.

Typically, in the case of advertising clothing that is intended to provide employees with appropriate T-shirts to wear every day at work, it is best to choose a slightly larger quantity and use the most efficient printing methods recommended by specialists. When ordering company logo prints on your T-shirts or sweatshirts, it is best to choose a larger quantity and have many such T-shirts in stock. Since employees must look impeccable, they should have several of them per shift, and they should also be available just in case they need to hire new people.

How to match the technique to the fabric?

If you plan to print on pure cotton T-shirts, it is better not to choose the sublimation printing method. Screen printing or thermal transfer will work better. However, it is better not to choose screen printing if you plan to print on advertising fleeces. Printing houses specializing in clothing prints choose cooperation with good clothing manufacturers also because they can be sure of the quality of the clothes. Not only the composition of the material is important, but also its weight – the clothes to be printed should simply be of good quality. Unfortunately, T-shirts that are too thin and shrink in the wash will not work well in any printing. Just compare branded, good-quality clothes with expressive prints to the cheapest ones, which don’t look very good after one wash. In short – you won’t be able to make a good print on poor quality clothes.

How to order the best quality printing?

The print on the T-shirt should be expressive – the transitions between colors should be smooth and well-designed, the colors must have appropriate saturation, and the print itself should be thick enough, flexible and resistant to water or high temperatures. Fortunately, if you are planning T-shirts with your own print, you do not need to have prepared T-shirts, a design, or know any printing methods. All you need to do is contact the company that provides such services and specify what you expect from the clothes you want to print. Graphic designers will prepare a special project for you, and printers will take care of its implementation in such a way that it is of the best possible quality and meets printing standards in terms of durability and efficiency. Not every fabric is suitable for printing, and not always printing machines are able to print on every medium. In this matter, it is good to rely on specialists who will be happy to listen to you, but will also advise you and tell you what to choose in order to be as satisfied with the printing results as possible.

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