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What are The Moving Mistakes DIY Movers Make?

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DIY movers make a lot of mistakes during the move that causes them a lot. This happens due to negligence and lack of knowledge. But, when you hire proficient movers and packers in Ahmedabad, then you don’t worry about anything. They are experienced and are experts in managing any obstacles that may come their way to packing and transporting goods. If you are still planning to do it yourself, then watch out for the common but serious DIY moving mistakes that people make so that you can avoid them and experience a successful move.

Top Serious DIY-Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Many say making mistakes is obvious and normal during a house shift. But, people who say this, must have not attempted a self-move. Doing mistakes is bad but doing mistakes during home shifting is even worse. Hence, we have curated the list of the most serious DIY moving mistakes people make. Pay attention to these self-moving mistakes to avoid them and experience a smooth and hassle-free move.

To Assume that a do-it-yourself move is cheaper than hiring professionals

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to assume that a DIY move is cheaper than hiring packers and movers services. Well, this procedure tends to be true, only if:

  • there are only a few items to move
  • it’s a local move within 100 miles
  • you are exceptionally trained in packing and moving goods
  • you have access to all the required equipment and tools
  • you have friends and relatives to help you with loading-unloading goods

Even if you are confident about doing it yourself, you should forget about the cost of moving on your own. Packing the entire household items means you will have to invest in packaging materials. And to transport them, you will have to rent a truck in Ahmedabad. If you have friends and relatives to help then you may not require laborers for loading-unloading. But, if you damage the goods even by mistake, then it will cost you a lot.

When you hire full packers and movers in Ahmedabad, the movers bring the essentials. From packing supplies to a truck and moving equipment, they bring them all. The proficient team of movers and packers pack your belongings, load them onto the truck, and transport them to the desired location. And you only pay them once for the entire moving process. So, they help you save money.

To underestimate the time required to organize a DIY move

Another common but serious mistake people make is to underestimate the time required to organize a do-it-yourself move. It’s the human tendency to procrastinate things until the last moment. Home shifting is a time-consuming process. This is a series of tasks, therefore, one needs to be organized for the move as early as possible. If you will keep procrastinating things then you won’t be able to experience a successful move, especially on the intended date to relocate.

People keep thinking they have sufficient time to plan and prepare for the move. Confidence is good but overconfidence can affect the chances of having a successful move. Packing is the most time-consuming phase of the relocation process. You should start packing goods as soon as possible. Avoid the mistake of underestimating the time you have to get organized for the move. Create a moving calendar and start preparing for the move as soon as possible.

To rent a moving truck of the wrong size

Well, people do this mistake usually because of a lack of knowledge and experience. Trucks and trailers are available in numerous models and sizes. Selecting the right one could be tricky for most people. Well, your movers know the best. They have a fleet of trucks and carriers that they use to transport 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK goods.

For this, consult a truck rental company from where you will rent the truck and ask for their assistance. They will help you pick the right truck size for the move. Here are the type of trucks that you will get to choose from. Choose the appropriate truck according to its loading capacity.

  • Pickup trucks – ideal for small loads
  • Cargo vans – ideal for students’ luggage transport
  • 10-12 ft. trucks – ideal for small studio apartments
  • 14-17 ft. trucks – good for 1-2bhk goods transport.
  • 20-26 ft. trucks – perfect for 3-4 bedroom household goods for a cross-country relocation.

To assume that all boxes can be moving boxes and are safe to use

Do you think storing your Amazon boxes gonna help you with your move? Yes, they are durable but not sturdy enough to carry your household goods. Do not think that the carton boxes you bring your grocery in can be used for carrying your other household items too. These are not good for moving items. Most people make the mistake of using all boxes thinking they are safe to use. You must avoid making this mistake during your DIY move. Or else, you will damage your precious belongings. Get the boxes that are clean, dry, and strong.

To assume you have got the skills and expertise

One of the biggest mistakes that DIY movers make is to assume themselves as expert as professionals are. Movers have undergone special training programs to attain perfection in their respective jobs. They are skilled and proficient in executing the moving process. Assuming that you hold the same skills and expertise can put you in trouble. You may damage your belongings or end up overspending on your move. Avoid this serious DIY moving mistake if you want to experience a safe and happy relocation.


To think your friends are always there to help

We know why we need packers and movers services in Ahmedabad for local or intercity moves. They help us pack, load, unload, and transport the goods. And people assume that their friends and relatives can provide such help to them. But what if your friends are not available on the same date and time when you need them? Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your friends will always be there to assist you. The work schedules, family responsibilities, and previous commitments may not allow them to help you. To avoid this mistake

  • reach out to your friends early to know their schedule
  • be honest with them and tell them your exact requirements
  • don’t rely entirely on your friends
  • distribute the tasks among your friends considering their strengths and weaknesses

To think finding the right packers and movers is not easy

The reason why people opt for a DIY move is that they think hiring professional packers and movers in Ahmedabad is challenging. Don’t do this mistake ever. Nowadays, hiring the right service provider for house shifting in Ahmedabad has become easier with online directories or web portals. You will get a list of licensed and certified companies from such portals. You can easily compare ratings, reviews, services, and charges to hire the best home relocation company in Ahmedabad.

In Conclusion

We all know the best way to relocate home is to hire the right packers and movers. Just be specific to your needs with local or intercity moves and select the apt service provider to fulfill the purpose. But, some go with a DIY move to save money. However, a DIY or self-move is not easy either. People face challenges during the move and do lots of mistakes during a DIY move. Hence, experts advise hiring professionals, especially for an intercity move. Suppose you are moving from Ahmedabad to Bangalore, then you should book packers and movers Ahmedabad to Bangalore.

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