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Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Home Safe and Sound

Home security is critical for enjoying one’s homeowner dream and ensuring the value of a valuable asset. While most homes already have basic security features like well-sealed doors, windows, and exterior lights, investing in smart plugs and complete home security systems can increase the chances of home safety. Leonard A. Sipes Jr. suggests investing in these measures can discourage offenders from breaking into homes and make them look elsewhere.

Create limited entries 

Using gates and fences can evoke a sense of solid security or paranoia. In addition to giving your house a nice appearance and feel, tasteful fencing can offer a sense of “place” that deters and delays criminal activity. Your assets will be more complex to remove if you restrict vehicle traffic to your property and erect obstacles to individual admission. Additionally, cameras placed at these entry points will better record any activity.

Have a dog

A dog can provide company and a significant deterrent to potential burglars. A seasoned criminal will typically deal with dogs by giving them food (often laced with poison) or confining them in a room. Barking acts as an alarm and aids in spotting an intruder. However, the additional uncertainty could repel a less committed stranger.

Have a Strong And Reliable Roof

Hire a professionals roofers to build a strong and reliable roof for home security as it protects from rain, snow, hail, and wind, preventing water damage and mold growth. It also deters potential intruders, ensuring structural integrity. Fire resistance is another benefit of a well-maintained roof, as certain materials like metal or fire-resistant shingles can prevent fire spread. 

Energy efficiency is also enhanced by well-insulated and ventilated roofing. A leaky roof can lead to mold and mildew growth, posing health risks and compromising indoor air quality. Regular maintenance and timely repairs contribute to the roofing’s longevity, saving homeowners from costly repairs or replacements.

Have a security system.

Systems with and without monitoring come in a wide variety of forms. While some are silent and inform the authorities, others make loud noises to warn nearby residents. Homeowners can now install video surveillance systems thanks to the development of affordable cameras. 

Although having a system and publicizing its use are good ideas, you should exercise caution when disclosing too much information to prevent criminals from identifying the specific system they are interacting with. 

These systems usually keep an eye on entry, but many also have motion sensors. Homeowners must know how to use these systems to prevent false alerts. Note that these systems need power to function; therefore, they won’t work during power outages unless there is a backup.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

According to Herzog, many modern Wi-Fi-enabled garage doors have an app that notifies the owner if they have left their garage door open and prompts them to press a button to close it safely. “Amazon even offers an app and conversion kit that you can install that lets the delivery person open and close your garage door and gives you a notification when a delivery occurs,” the man claims.

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