Patrick Mahomes not concerned about other QB contracts: ‘I knew I was going to be set for life’

Patrick Mahomes still has the highest contract — in terms of total dollars — in NFL history. Mahomes signed his record-setting deal two years ago for 10 years and $450 million, an average annual value of $45 million that has since been surpassed. 

Mahomes is currently the fourth-highest paid quarterback in the NFL in terms of average annual value, and will be getting lower on the list in the coming months with Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert, and Joe Burrow in line for massive extensions. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback isn’t concerned about his salary standing in the NFL, wanting the rings instead of the money. 

“When I signed my deal, I knew I was going to be pretty set for life regardless of what the market kind of happens,” Mahomes said Friday on the rising quarterback salaries. “But you just keep playing.”

“I mean money is one thing but when you get those Super Bowl rings at the end of your career, I think that’s going to be the thing that you look back upon and I think I’ve made enough money from the football field and obviously off of it as well that it won’t matter at the end of the day.”

Mahomes has set up his contract so the Chiefs can compete for Super Bowl championships and make deep playoff runs. The Chiefs have advanced to the AFC Championship Game in all four years under Mahomes and reached a Super Bowl since he signed his monster deal that reset the market in 2020.

Since Mahomes signed his contract, Aaron Rodgers, Kyler Murray, and Deshaun Watson have surpassed his average annual value. All those deals were signed this past offseason, with Rodgers making $50.27 million, Murray $46.1 million, and Watson $46 million. 

The Chiefs have had to make some crucial roster decision since signing Mahomes, moving on from Tyreek Hill and Tyrann Mathieu this offseason and are struggling to come to terms on a long-term extension for Orlando Brown. Kansas City has still been able to keep its core intact thanks to the flexibility of Mahomes’ deal. 

Mahomes is perfectly satisfied with his contract, revealing he doesn’t worry about being the highest-paid player in the game. Winning Super Bowls is the reward Mahomes seeks, which is accomplished by having a strong roster around him. 

Basically, Mahomes is more than OK with making $45 million a season. 

“I think especially at the quarterback position kind of the next guy is the top-paid guy,” Mahomes said. “And any of these top-tier quarterbacks they make such a difference on NFL football teams that it’s going to get passed up. I mean even if you look at guys that signed last year to this year they got passed up and I’m sure when (Joe) Burrow, (Justin) Herbert and Russell (Wilson) and all these guys come around they’ll keep setting the bar even higher. 

“So, you always want to get paid and like I said take care of your family, but I want to have a great team around me as well and so whatever that way that is going make sure I have a great team for me around me for the rest of my career.”


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