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Latest Smart Watches For Men In 2023

Smartwatches are incredible devices which have evolved so much that a decade ago, they were just a timepiece which we used to keep track of time. Still, now they have become an integral part of our life which guides, provide information, becomes a communication source, tracker, health monitor and whatnot. Their prices vary from brand to brand and their demand.

In this comprehensive blog, we will discuss the latest smart watches for men in 2023 and their prices.

Latest Smart Watches For Men

Smartwatches help you stay punctual, organized, and alert with all the important events of your life. In the busy lives of men with all the stress and hassle of worldly chores, they forget their most important events, and these watches can provide reminders. All you have to do is set reminders once and rest, and you can rely on them without second thoughts.

Following are a few of the best smartwatches for men:

  • Apple Watch Series 9
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 6(44mm)
  • Huawei Smart Watch GT 4
  • Huawei Smart Watch GT 3

The prices in pakistan:

  • Apple watch series 9 price is approximately PKR 1,47,999.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 6(44mm) price is approximately PKR 69,999.
  • Huawei smartwatch GT 4 price is approximately PKR 69,999.
  • Huawei smartwatch GT 3 price is approximately PKR 84,999.

Apple Watch Series 9

The Apple watch series 9 is faster, more capable, and has custom Apple silicon. Sixty percent more transistors are present in the new dual-core CPU (5.6 billion) than in the S8 chip. Machine learning tasks are processed up to two times faster by a new Neural Engine with four cores. Many innovations are made possible by it, one of which is the double tap gesture.

It has amazing features like answering calls, pausing music, and opening notifications with your thumb and index finger double tap. Brightness can be up to 2000 nits, which means you can easily read and see the watch even in sunlight, and in case you are at some theatre or dark place for your privacy, it has a 1nit limit of brightness.

Siri-ously competent: Siri requests are handled on your device more quickly and securely with Series 9. Furthermore, Siri dictation has a 25% higher accuracy rate. Additionally, later this year, you will be able to ask Siri questions about your health, including details like how much sleep you got the night before. Alternatively, use it to record details like your period or weight. 

It has many more features which make the use seamless and worthy of its price.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6(44mm)

Samsung mobile watch has the following new features: It has advanced sleep coaching, which is fit for sleep, and sleep coaching for better sleep. It is well known for personalized exercise with enhanced sensor accuracy and personalized HR zone. It helps in health management, which includes health and fitness, body composition, blood pressure and enhanced cycle tracking. 

It measures body consumption as it has cutting-edge sensors to analyze your body precisely. There is an advanced sensor known as a bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor that measures your body fat and skeletal muscle. When you are using your Galaxy watch in or around water, turn on the mode known as water lock, which prevents accidental touches and scratches on your screen. It will also prevent you from accidentally activating your watch with a wake-up gesture while you are swimming. With this smartwatch, you can measure your stress levels by checking your heart beat rate and some other factors.

Huawei Smart Watch GT 4

Huawei smartwatch GT 4 is one of their best wearables, which not only embodies style but also has many incredible functionalities, and it is well known for the precision and accuracy it provides. This watch has a more extensive 46mm interface with 1.43 inches display, a slightly raised black bezel, a black rubber strap, and a polished, dark grey stainless steel case, it is waterproof with a density of 5ATM rated water, connectivity options like NFC and Bluetooth, it has sensors like Accelerometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor, Temperature sensor, Magnetometer sensor, Optical heart rate sensor, Barometer sensor, all this costs a reasonable PKR 69,999. 

Huawei Smart Watch GT 3

The watch provides real-time tidal change notifications, displays various moon phases, and tells the time of daybreak and sunset every day. An additional layer of protection for your outdoor adventures is provided by the integrated altitude barometer, which continuously measures the air pressure and notifies you in the event of any significant changes before the arrival of severe weather. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, the Huawei Watch GT 3 can evaluate your athletic ability based on your past running data, give you a professional and scientific running plan for your daily running and race preparation, and offer you complete tracking guidance. By automatically and frequently adjusting the training program in response to data feedback and actual course execution, you can increase your training efficiency and more easily accomplish your running goals throughout the training cycle and this watch is packed with many other unique features.


Smartwatches for men and women are trending accessories that offer not just style but also many important functionalities that make your life more convenient and organized.

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