Lamar Jackson gets into major Twitter spat with former Super Bowl champion who once played for Ravens


It’s not often you see a former NFL MVP get into a Twitter spat with a former Super Bowl champion, but that’s exactly what happened this week with Lamar Jackson and Bernard Pollard

The Twitter feud started shortly after ESPN released its list of the top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL. After Jackson didn’t make the list, Ryan Clark came to his defense. 

Clark thought Jackson should have been ranked in the top 10, but Pollard didn’t agree with him, and once Jackson caught wind of that, the feud was officially on. 

Although Pollard did say that Jackson deserves top dollar, that was about the only positive thing he had to say about Jackson. After that tweet, he sent out another one where he mentioned that no wide receiver would ever want to play with Jackson because he’s “not able to make the throws.”

As you can imagine, Jackson did NOT take too kindly to that comment, and that’s when the feud really kicked into high gear. 

First, Jackson called Pollard dumb. 

Then Jackson pointed out that he had never even heard of Pollard and that he had to Google him just to figure out who he was arguing with. 

Although Pollard spent nine seasons in the NFL and even won a Super Bowl, most NFL fans remember him as the guy who injured Tom Brady during Week 1 of the 2008 NFL season. 

Pollard’s Super Bowl win came with the Ravens in 2012, and even though he got a ring, Jackson was quick to point out that Pollard didn’t do much in the actual game. 

Jackson also said he actually remembered one of Pollard’s bad plays from the game. 

Although Pollard only had two tackles in the Super Bowl, he did lead the entire team in tackles during the 2012 season while playing for a Ravens defense that included Hall of Famers Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. 

Pollard fired back at the Super Bowl insults by telling Jackson to get in touch with him so he could teach the Ravens quarterback how to read a defense. 

Jackson then closed things out by making sure everyone on Twitter knows that he doesn’t respect Pollard. 

As for Pollard, he stuck to ripping Jackson’s football skills. 

The feud seems to have died down for now, but it wouldn’t be surprising at all if we were to see this war of words continue. Also, thanks to this feud, things could definitely get awkward this season if the Ravens decide to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their last Super Bowl win by inviting Pollard and the other players to M&T Bank Stadium for a game. 



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