Kisscartoon: Is It Safe? A Comprehensive Guide of 2024

Kisscartoon is considered one of the popular free streaming websites that has a large variety of animated TV shows, movies, cartoons, and many more. This is considered one of the best options for users who love to watch movies and cartoons. Thus, Through this platform, the user would be able to watch movies using any web browser. But the user needs not to buy subscriptions for watching in HD quality. The content which is available on this platform is properly organized and the interface which is provided to the user is user-friendly.

This is one of the websites which is operated by the Kiss anime network. The site is legal in some of the countries where copyright laws are not enforced. Kisscartoon is considered a similar platform to Mangastream. Therefore, There are various platforms other than Kiss cartoons which are having pirated content that provides users with manga comics, U.S. comics, and many more. If you want to know about kisscartoon alternatives then you have to read the below content.

Does the Kiss cartoon still exist?

Kiscartoons has been released on the web browser which is simply considered as a home of various animated movies, and TV shows. On this website, the user would be able to watch the content for free. This website has been shut down in 2017 because there is a criminal prosecution. There are various other sites available that are alternatives to kisscartoon on the internet. The sites that you are using nowadays are fake clones and no one knows who is controlling this site. Some of the sites are as follows:


Is kisscartoon safe?

Most of the users would have doubts about whether Kisscartoon is safe. This platform is not legal in some parts of the country and due to this various viruses may enter your computer system. You would know that this platform is providing the users with pirated content. This website and other websites do not have any legal authentication for adding content to their website. This is making these platforms illegal. When they are traced by the legal authorities then they would be taken down to court. They are using different domain names for running websites on different platforms.

Various sites are serving the alternative of kisscartoon but they are carrying a risk of viruses with them. When the person visit these websites, they can see various advertisements, pop-ups, and many more through which these people earn money. You might know that these ads have been put on these websites by using javascript which can release some viruses on your devices. These ads are not coming from trusted websites and this website would be leading to a higher risk of damage on your devices. Through these viruses, hackers are getting access to the devices for earning cryptocurrencies. This is reducing the working of the devices. 

When the person is visiting the clone sites they should remember that they giving the invitation to the malware to enter the devices. If the person wants to use these sites then they have to install a powerful antivirus or a good quality PC cleaner. There are several clones of the original Kisscartoons and no one knows who is managing this software so it is considered an unsafe option. You should know that there are various sites with the same domain name but using different suffixes. 

 Best Kisscartoons Alternatives Sites

If the person is looking for kisscartoon proxy sites for watching cartoons then they have to visit any of the alternatives which are listed below. Some of the alternatives that are included are as follows:

  1. KissAnime: You would be glad to know that this is part of Kisscartoon and it is fully Japanese anime which is having colorful graphics, characters, and themes. If the person has used Kiss Cartoons and is looking for the same vibe then they must consider this platform as the user interface is similar to Kiss Cartoons. 
  2. This platform has to have a friendly user interface through which the users would be able to look for interesting and favorite cartoons. On this platform, the users would be able to watch the content available for free. There is a variety of content available on this platform. This platform is considered one of the alternatives to kiss cartoons.
  3. Anime Toon: This is another alternative to kisscartoon which provides the users with a wide range of collections of anime movies, TV shows, and many more. The platform is updating the content so that there is no limit on your entertainment. If the person wants to know about the most popular series then there is another page for that. You would be able to easily get information related to popular series. 


Kisscartoon is one of the best platforms for watching different anime content. But because of some reason, this platform has been closed. So, if the person is looking for alternatives then they have to use the alternatives which are provided above. If you want to know about Zee5 Subscription Costs, Features & other things. Then you should read this blog post for more information. 

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