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How studying the LLB has prepared me for my future plans

An LLB degree is your first step to entering a successful law career. It is equivalent to a BA or BSc degree that lays the foundation and grants you eligibility to be entitled as a “Lawyer”. The study years of the LLB degree are a reflection of your upcoming bright future. Among all the other career paths, an LLB degree today is the best corridor to enter in legal profession.

What is a LLB Law degree?

The undergraduate law program Bachelor of Law is renowned by its short name; LLB. The LL.B. stands for Legum Baccalaureus, where LL. refers to the Latin abbreviation of Laws. The LLB degree program requires you to study a wide variety of core subjects and optional subjects that arm you with the knowledge and abilities needed to become a successful lawyer in the future. If you are wondering how many years are required to study LLB then take note that it is a four-year bachelor program. The core subjects in the first 3 years of the program are a lot similar to an M Law degree which is referred to as a Masters Law degree. The difference arises at the time of choosing optional subjects at the end of the 3 years.

The LLB degree was first originated from the University Of Bologna, situated in Europe. It is one of the world’s oldest universities and indeed the first University that was established as a School of Law by famous legal scholars. There are various routes to becoming a Lawyer but LLB is the most common that aspires you to become a successful barrister.

Free Law courses and distance learning from top Universities:

Are you zoned out thinking about how will you study law at an international University? Or you are worried about expenses in overseas. Don’t worry, we have sorted out a solution for you by listing up the universities that provide the facility to foreign law students to study LLB for free and complete their undergraduate studies.

There are various prestigious law universities that provide the facility for students to study LLB from distance learning. This accommodates students from far native areas where the law schools are not developed or due to social problems they face hurdles in attending the classes on campus.

  • University of Oslo (UiO)

It is one of the most reputed universities located in Norway. It is a free law school for international students that offers no tuition fees. The LLB course at this university is highly based on the elementary laws of Norway. It is the preferred University for international students to pursue their undergraduate law studies if they want to seek employment in law firms in Norway.

  • University of Lapland

It is one of three law universities located in Finland. There are no tuition fees for the students. The only requirement for admission in its law degree programs is that students must have a strong grip on the Finnish language. The university offers a Bachelor of Law (LLB) and a Master of Law(LLM). The course outline of both programs is founded based on Finland’s laws.

  • American Public University System

It is a private online law institution located in Charles Town, West Virginia. The academic programs include the Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies which takes 120 credit hours of coursework. The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) helps the learners understand complex legal issues and laws.

  • University of Maryland Global Campus

It is a public university in Adelphi, Maryland. It is the largest university in Maryland. It offers an online LLB studies program to international students. It has an open admission policy and the graduation rate for law students is about 28%.

Law Universities in the UK for scholarship:

The University of Law

You can apply for their 2019 scholarship program, which is currently accepting applications! They look for kids who have high academic standing and a strong drive to succeed in order to stay ahead of the increasingly competitive field, just like they do for any other scholarship.

  • The University of Dundee

The best university in Scotland is the Dundee Law School. To prepare their students for their future legal jobs, they guarantee a thorough and welcoming learning atmosphere as well as a slow but steady development of their legal skills.

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How the LLB degree helps its graduates to progress in the future:

Career Opportunities:

The LLB degree makes you internationally recognized and opens up a wide spectrum of various job opportunities. The LLB graduates have a bright career scope as they can select any field related to law. For example, they can serve as advocates, legal secretaries, judges, judicial clerks, or corporate lawyers. The graduates can also find their prospective in law journalism, research, and as academic law professors. They can also serve as legal consultant in NGOs.

The LLB degree indeed equips you with extensive knowledge that paves the way to your desired goals. The LLB teaches its graduates all the traits of a successful barrister. It enhances all the foundation skills of the graduates to prepare them for any career path they choose. To sum up, the LLB degree provides you vast career opportunities allowing you to select any meaningful legal field.

Study On the Role of Law Clinics in Enhancing Skills Of LLB Graduates:

It has been suggested that in addition to helping students build a set of useful legal skills, university law clinics play a crucial function in the LLB program by giving them invaluable experience in the legal profession in a situation that helps to put the legal theory they study into perspective. Furthermore, it is said that clinics improve LLB degrees by giving students exposure to the socioeconomic conditions of underprivileged community members, fostering in them the capacity for lifelong learning, and teaching them fundamental practical legal skills. (Singo, D. 2016).

Reputable Legal Firms for LLB Graduates:

The most popular legal firms in the UK that hire LLB graduates are listed below:

  • Womble Bond Dickinson
  • Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP
  • Dentons
  • Seedlegals
  • Withersworldwide

Career Advantages Of LLB:

  1. Extensive knowledge of Law:

The LLB degree arms the students with a deep understanding of National, Commonwealth, and International ethics, diversifying their career options in various legal professions, law firms, corporations, government agencies, and international organizations. The LLB trains the graduates to deal with all kinds of cases of not only multinational clients but also in international forums. LLB graduates are the best advisers for government agencies because of their better understanding of international Laws and expertise in forming policies and negotiating treaties.

  1. Priority over other graduates:

LLB is an internationally recognized degree and is highly demanded around the globe. It is the most reputable degree and is highly privileged by the best law firms. If you are an LLB graduate then you are more prior than other graduates as you are the owner of the integrated degree. The LLB graduates have wide offers of jobs from international corporations and legal agencies as they seek their expertise in legal thinking and research.

  1. Incorporates strong traits and values:

The degree fosters the rulings and ethics in the personality of graduates. They learned the implementation of laws and legal traits in their daily practice throughout their academic journey. This makes them viable to fight against any wrongdoing they observe in society. A better understanding of ethical principles and morals is useful in professions where rulings play an essential role such as administration and social work.

  1. Analyzing and evaluating problems:

The training to identify the critics and then assess their solutions is an important part of the LLB program. It teaches its students ways to deal with problems and develop a better approach to its solutions. They eventually learn to tackle tricky situations by providing an appropriate solution. These skills are greatly helpful for students in their careers.

Law Thesis Assignment:

In the final year of LLB, students are supposed to write a law thesis assignment. There are various law thesis topics on which the law students are supposed to write. Some of the law thesis examples in topics include;

  • The verbal and non-verbal agreements in the contract laws.
  • Domestic and international commercial laws of a few countries.
  • The role and significance of termination agreement in business transactions.
  • The role and application of business wills in the translation of the businesses.

The students who juggle managing their studies and jobs often seek assistance from service providers who help in complete their assignments. For example, if the students are facing hurdles in completing their marketing research; they contact buy a research paper online marketing platform to seek guidance for their research paper. This facility is available for students of various academic backgrounds such as psychology, health and management sciences, engineering, and medicine.

In A Nutshell:

LLB is indeed the most comprehensive degree that teaches a variety of skills to its students that are helpful in their career professions. It opens up a wide spectrum of different career opportunities from Legal secretary, clerk, advisor, Judge, and Lawyer to corporate counselor. The degree also paves the way for academics, journalism, and research. It teaches its graduates extensive knowledge and technical skills, gives privilege to them for being prior to other graduates, and molds them in accordance with legal ethics and values. The list of prestigious universities will help you out at the time of applying for the LLB program. You can log in to the online course as well as go for scholarship programs. So, to admit to most reputable law firms in UK and go for a clear career path, don’t forget to register for the LLB program opening in 2024.


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