Is It PossibleTo Replace Headphone Pads

To begin with, it will be useful to remember what types of headphones exist and what ear pads are most often used in them.headphones price in pakistan

Insertable (inserts)

Not the best option for a music lover, but acceptable for listeners of audiobooks and those who like to talk through a headset. The headphones are small in size and light in weight. Most often they come with simple foam ear pads.


The speakers of these headphones fit tightly onto the ears, but do not cover them completely. The ear pads here can be of different shapes (round, square) and made of a variety of materials. Most often made of artificial leather.

Full size

They are similar to on-ear ones, but unlike the first ones, they cover the entire ear completely. Such devices are usually used for video games and sound work. Ear pads are made of natural or artificial leather, velour.  

How to change ear pads 

In principle, the replacement process is simple, but each case has its own nuances. Let’s look at them using the example of each type of headphones. 


Everything is simple here. Take the ear pads and carefully place them on the headphones. 


And everything is simple here. Take and place the ear pad against the speaker at an angle and immerse it completely into the ear cushion.  


But there are also nuances. For example, what shape of liners to choose. All this is individual and depends on the individual user. If you want the earbuds to completely “seal” the ear and not allow excess noise to pass through, then you can choose elongated silicone earbuds. For others, semicircular (oval) shapes will be preferable.

It’s hard to make a mistake with the sizes. As a rule, ear pads included with headphones come in several sizes – from S to L. Which one to choose depends on the structure of your ear and is decided by fitting. It is clear that an ear pad with size S will fall out of the ear faster than M or L. However, L can cause discomfort, even pain in the ear.

Overhead and full-size

Let’s combine them into one group, since the replacement process for these types of headphones is similar. How to choose the right option? The easiest way is to find and buy “original” ear pads for your headphone model. But this option is not always suitable. Then a universal ear pad will come to the rescue. To choose it, you need to know the diameter of your speaker. It can be measured with a simple ruler. If the product is completely round, measure directly in the center and preferably along the back of the lining. It is possible from the front, but here you should expect a non-critical error. For example, in our case the diameter is 70 mm + – 3 mm. If the ear pad is somewhat elongated, then you need to measure the diameter both in width and length.


The replacement process is also simple. We pull the old ear pad out of the mount without making much effort. We insert the edge of the new one and pull it forward, pushing it with your finger if necessary. You can simply insert one edge into the gap and, gently pulling, stretch it across the entire body. A simple plastic card can also help.

After replacement, 

the following changes are noticeable: a tighter fit and better sound insulation. The bass is also audible better. In the other, no significant changes were noticed. 

The best material for ear pads

Let’s try to figure out which material for ear pads is the most durable, and which will quickly become unusable. 

Genuine Leather 

One of the best, most attractive and long-lasting options. Durable, soft and easy to clean. Provides excellent noise reduction. However, it can not be found on all models

Faux leather

Present on the vast majority of headphone models. Now it is almost as good as natural leather, although much depends on the quality of the leather. For example, cheap samples will not be as soft and durable. With proper care they can last quite a long time, but after two or three years they will have to be replaced. The hero of the previous section, Sony headphones, were purchased in the fall of 2018 and were used literally every day, at least for one or two hours. They were periodically cleaned from dust and dirt with water and an alcohol solution. The upholstery of the ear pads began to crumble in the spring of 2021. 


Another, less popular, but still common material. Soft and pleasant to the ears, although somewhat difficult to care for and clean.  


One of the most common materials most often found in in-ear headphones. Quite strong and comfortable. However, sooner or later the rubber begins to burst and crack.


Made from foam materials. Depending on the materials, they can be dense or porous. They provide good sound insulation, but are less durable than silicone and more difficult to clean. 

How to use headphones correctly to keep your ear pads longer

There is no single rule here, except that it is advisable to use headphones carefully and carefully. And, of course, do not forget that the ear pads require care. Here’s a little more about this. 


With in-ear headphones and earplugs, due to the peculiarities of their location in the ear, sebum, earwax and dust constantly accumulate on the ear pads. They should be cleaned regularly by wiping with a napkin, cotton swabs soaked in an alcohol solution or hydrogen peroxide. But the foam version of the ear pads is a rather capricious thing. They are difficult to clean and the easiest way is to completely replace them.


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