Direct DTG digital printing on clothing

DTG direct printing is a method of marking clothing that has gained enormous popularity around the world. It involves spraying ink onto clothing using special printers – the ink soaks into the fibers of the clothing, creating the desired print. It’s a bit like printing on paper, only here instead of a piece of paper we use, for example, a T-shirt or a bag. Digital printing is widely used for many projects because it is very durable. The DTG digital printing method offers a wide selection of colors and perfectly reflects their depth and intensity. You can easily make a full-color print, as well as designs with a lot of details, e.g. photographs. We provide the best dtg printing service in Dallas. If you want high quality dtg printed t shirts then you can reach us. 

Highest quality DTG digital Printing on T-shirts

Ordering a T-shirt with your own print becomes much easier in this case, because direct DTG printing is profitable from just 1 piece. This method does not require any expensive preparations – digital printing is performed without any restrictions. The pricing remains the same regardless of the amount of colors utilized in the design. This gives you great freedom, for example, when you introduce new designs and want to test them on a T-shirt with your own print. DTG digital printing gives you the certainty that your design will be printed with all details and in the right colors. An additional advantage is the short waiting time – we print the design on the clothing immediately after receiving the print file, without additional preparations. In our studio we use modern equipment from the leading manufacturer of printing machines, Epson . Thanks to this, we are sure that we will complete your project in accordance with your requirements.

T-shirt with DTG print from 1 piece!

DTG printing is a huge innovation in the world of clothing printing. Unlike screen printing, where orders are profitable based on the larger number of prints ordered, in the case of DTG it makes sense to order even 1 (one!) piece! How is this possible?

In digital printing, there is no need to prepare special screens or separate settings for each project. Just upload the finished graphic or photo to the printer software and wait a while for the final result. A ready-made T-shirt with a print or a company bag is created in a few moments. This is a great solution if you only need to order a few pieces, or just one! Thanks to this, you don’t have to risk introducing new designs in your store – if your customers don’t like something, you certainly won’t be left with a hundred unsold T-shirts in stock. A perfect solution for beginner businesses!

Great color reproduction and high resolution

Digital printing (DTG) is one of the most modern methods of printing clothes. A full range of colors, color depth and high detail reproduction with almost photographic accuracy are the features of this type of printing. Each print on the T-shirt looks 100% like the original on the computer, and the final effect delights with its sharpness and precise rendering of every, even the smallest, detail. T-shirts printed with this method are perfect, for example, as a gift for a loved one – you can give someone clothes with a photo printed on them that has a special meaning. This is also a great solution for festival or concert clothing, prepared especially for an event. Fans of music bands will be happy to buy a T-shirt or sweatshirt with a print depicting their favorite band. So if you have a multi-colored graphic or photo that you want to put on clothing, there is no better method than DTG!

DTG printing is not only a method for T-shirts!

At Printing Season, we offer the possibility of printing even cotton bags. You can let your imagination run wild and you don’t have to limit your designs to simple graphics with few colors. Print anything not only on T-shirts or cotton bags, but also on sweatshirts and hats. This is great news for those who do not need a large amount of printed clothing in their store or for an upcoming company event. This way, you can order only the amount you actually need for a single event – even if it’s only a few pieces. Thanks to the fact that digital printing is profitable from just one item, you don’t have to worry about exceeding your event budget. Any, even the most complex, graphic or stunning photograph is suitable for DTG printing. Let your designs attract everyone’s attention!

A small amount? No problem! A large number of? No problem!

In our studio we use three efficient Epson F2000 printers . Thanks to these machines, we can complete large orders in the blink of an eye, all while maintaining extremely high digital quality. In the case of DTG printing, every order is profitable – both small and very large ones! Even if you order only one item from us, you do not have to worry about higher costs. Unlike screen printing, where printing only pays off in larger quantities at once because you have to spend a lot of work and time on preparing equipment to print, in the DTG method we completely bypass the complicated and time-consuming preparation stage. All we need is your digital design and a ready-made T-shirt with print is created in just a few moments. Digital prints will therefore be an ideal solution both for small companies that are just starting their business, and for large ones that are looking for a method to print complex designs. DTG printing will work for everyone!

How to prepare a file for DTG printing?

This method has many advantages, one of them is that preparing the file for printing is very simple! Just send us a PNG or TIFF file without a background with a saved color profile. You don’t have to simplify your graphics or limit yourself with details or colors – there are no limits in digital printing. Multicolored graphics with gradients and many details or high-quality photographs – DTG digital printing will cope with any of your ideas. There are really no limits here and everything depends on your creativity. You can be sure that every graphic or photo on your T-shirt will look exactly as you expect. After we receive the finished project from you, we will take care of the rest, and you don’t have to worry about anything. The only thing left to do is to wait for the outcome. However, if you have any questions or doubts related to preparing the file for printing, please write to us – we will help!

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