Bollywood pictures for kiddies 21 Bollywood pictures That Inspire kiddies to Love & Learn

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 Indian cinema moment has been divided into two corridor. There are pictures that are too serious for kiddies to watch or there are those that are filled with item songs and shoptalk language that sure are bad influences. Kiddie flicks too have lost their charm. But wouldn’t it be stupendous if your sprat ullu web series download could enjoy a good movie and learn from it every now and also? Well, you are in luck’ coz we shortlisted 21 Bollywood films that won’t only entertain your little bone

 but educate him important life assignments in a fun and ridiculous manner. Bollywood pictures may not be so bad for your kiddies after all. 

 21 Bollywood pictures That Inspire kiddies to Love & Learn 


 Rockford What happens when a Hindu boy is admitted into Rockford, an each- boys Christian boarding academy? Drama, of course! A movie about academy children, their struggles and nonage loves, Rockford is a classic movie that will win the heart of any child( yours included). 

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 Taare Zameen Par Ishaan an eight- time-old who excels in art but has a terrible academic performance is troubled by his parents’ constant complains. Ishaan’s schoolteacher judgments him with dyslexia and also starts the struggle to help him overcome the disability. Along with educating parents on dyslexia and other lower known problems, Taare Zameen Par makes for an pleasurable and inspirational watch. 

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 Stanley ka Dabba A academy schoolteacher forbids Stanley from entering the academy until he brings his own tiffin box and this puts him in a fix, as unknown to others, he’s an orphan. The story of Stanley is a heart- wrenching genyoutube download photo tale with an inspiring end note. 

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 Makdee Twin sisters, Chunni and Munni are trapped by the vill witch. The evil witch demands some delicate tasks be done by the girls to save their life. How the girls get out of the trap makes for a fun- filled and audacious story. surely a good watch for kiddies! 

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 Jajantaram Mamantaram Inspired by Gulliver’s peregrination, this film has Javed Jaffrey playing a Mumbai- grounded seaman who’s trapped on a remote islet girdled by bitsy people. The movie also shows some great plates and an intriguing war fought between the seaman and the villain Chamunda. A great imitator, this bone

 will educate your kiddies about gemütlichkeit, favours and undying love. 

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 Chiller Party A tale of a group of debonair children who try their hand at politics when a new rule is made to capture all slapdash tykes ! Chillar Party is truly an inspirational story of children being independent and fighting for what they believe in. Let your kiddies watch and learn. 

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 Koi Mil Gaya/ Krrish The movie revolves around the life of a mentally challenged boy who’s blessed with super powers by his alien friend. The first part was named Koi Mil Gaya and was a box office success. The alternate part, Krrish saw the central character as a superhero, and the soon- to- be released Krrish 3 is now eagerly awaited. This fictitious story of super powers and superheroes instills stopgap in little children. 

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 Gippi A 14- time-old fun loving girl in Shimla, Gippi lives with her mama and family. The story of how she deals with common teenage problems and the physical, emotional and social changes nonage brings with it’s what this movie is about. It’ll inspire kiddies to love themselves for who they’re and be happy in their own little world without seeking to live like someone differently. 

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 Gattu Gattu is the story of a small city boy who’s determined to master a black vampire named Kali, which dominates the sky. kiddies in the city believe Kali has some mysterious origin. Every sprat dreams of defeating the black vampire, but Gattu has a veritably strong will power to do so. A tale of undying determination and faith, this bone

 will have your child hooked. 

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 My Friend Ganesha An eight- time-old boy whose parents have no time for him becomes musketeers with Lord Ganesha who stands by him through thick and thin. Toogether they help the indigent and partake some fun moments tutoring the cruel a assignment. This movie will inseminate in your little one faith in the Almighty. 

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 Bumm Bumm Bole This is a story of a family who lives hand to mouth, working for a tea colony. Losing a brace of shoes creates annihilation in the lives of the children as they ca n’t attend their precious and respectable academy without shoes. How the little kiddies work around this situation is worth watching. 

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 Do Dooni Chaar This movie chronicles the life of a academy schoolteacher with stingy means and growing requirements. How this academy schoolteacher resists the appetite to accept a fix and sticks to his morals indeed in tough times makes for a great watch. A pleasurable and light- hearted movie with an important assignment to take down, your child will love this bone


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 India India’s first superhero film that introduced the heroicMr. India and super villain Mogambo is a classic movie starring Anil Kapoor. The story of how orphan children and their caretaker overcome tough times together makes India’s most notorious superhero film a visual treat. 

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 The Blue Umbrella This movie is grounded on a novel by Ruskin Bond and follows youthful Binya, from a small vill in Himachal Pradesh who manages to get her hands on a blue marquee. Soon people start getting jealous of her new possession and scheme against her. A film that will educate kiddies about covetousness and rapacity, this bone

 makes for great cinema for kiddies. 

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 The Jungle Book Another classic that can not be missed is the story of Mowgli and his musketeers in the jungle. This vitality movie set in the deep jungles of Madhya Pradesh combines a brilliant story and tons of suspension with sweet characters! 

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 Chota Chetan This was India’s first 3D movie that still warms the heart with its pleasurable plot line and brilliant goods. When Laxmi and her academy musketeers are being teased at academy for coming from a poor pastoral background they be to meet none other than Chetan a mysterious youth with supernatural capacities. They soon decide to use this magical being to their advantage. 

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 Hanuman This vitality film traces the life of Lord Hanuman right from his birth to when he goes on to deliver Goddess Sita from Ravan’s Lanka. It’s an action- packed movie that will acquaint children with mythological characters and educate them morals too. 

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 Zokkoman A trendsetter for children’s superhero flicks, this movie follows a youthful boy named Kunal who’s orphaned and also abandoned by his cruel uncle. Kunal learns to be on his own and take care of himself, when he discovers the idol within and transforms into “ Zokkoman. ” Magic, super powers and action- packed scenes make this movie the perfect imitator. 

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 Chachi 420 A story of a man who has disassociated his woman

 and pretends to be a woman just to be around his son, this is a fun- filled movie packed with twists and turns. How this man gets caught in some ridiculous but necessary situations will surely entertain the kiddies. 

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 I Am Kalam An intelligent boy born into poverty, Chhotu is all of 12 times when he’s forced to work at a roadside tea cube. He aspires to study but has no coffers to go to academy. This story is about how Chhotu, inspired by watchingEx-PresidentDr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on TV decided to come a better person. 

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 Halo Halo is a heart- wrenching movie that traces the trip of seven- time-old lonely Sasha, who loses her canine Halo. This little girl tackles all kinds of people and situations in the megacity in hunt of her doggy . Eventually, when she finds him she sets him free. Her trip makes for a gripping tale with a great assignment. 


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