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Best Bariatric Surgeons in India That Can Help You in Your Weight Loss Journey

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Surely, losing weight through a medical procedure is a life-changing decision. India has a developed medical infrastructure that gives ease to the patients to choose the right place to get their weight loss process done. The Best Bariatric Surgeons in India also made the medical journey of the patient comfortable and smooth. They make sure to make the surgical process painless for the patients. 

With the right medical guidance, the result can be more optimal. India, as a turning prime location for the one-stop solution for all types of medical conditions, contributed to making the medical facilities and services accessible but also affordable in its own way.

What is the Role of Bariatric Surgery? 

Weight loss is a wish of many people; some make it possible by making some modifications in their diet and lifestyles, and some people go with the surgical process to make it work for them. Bariatric surgery is a hope for all the patients who are struggling with obesity. It helps in offering them a better health with the improved quality of life. 

The surgeons followed the surgical approaches that involved making modifications in the digestive system to support patients in losing excess pounds effectively. The surgery is useful for all the people who gave up all the traditional methods of weight loss.  

What are the Techniques Followed by the Bariatric Surgeon? 

Bariatric surgeons treat patients with obesity with the help of various surgical techniques These techniques are used according to the medical requirements of the patients. These techniques include – 

  • Gastric Bypass – In this surgical procedure, a small pouch is created at the top of the patient’s stomach and later connects with the small intestine. It helps in limiting the food absorption in the body. 
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy –In this surgical process, a part of the stomach is removed leads to curb hunger and food consumption. 
  • Adjustable Gastric Banding – In this surgical technique, a band is placed around the upper part of the stomach. It creates a small pouch and adjustable restrictions. 
  • BPD – This is counted as one of the most complex processes that involve a partial gastrectomy, bypass, and intestinal rerouting to offer weight loss results to the patients. 

What is the Average Cost of Bariatric Surgery? 

The bariatric surgery cost in India is low in comparison to the other developed countries. It starts from USD 6500 for the gastric bypass and USD 5500-7000 for sleeve gastrectomy. The choice of surgical treatment, the reputation of the hospital, and surgeon’s fees are some components that regulate the cost of the treatment. Also, the patient’s medical background and age are other factors that affect the treatment cost. 

Who are the Best Bariatric Surgeons in India? 

Here is the list of India’s top bariatric surgeons who have years of experience and expertise in the field. They are not only performing the treatment with traditional approaches but also include advanced approaches and innovative aspects in their surgeries to deliver optimal result rates.

Dr. Aritra Ghosh 

  • Dr. Aritra Ghosh is a leading bariatric surgeon in India, working for more than 16 years in the field.
  • He specializes in treating diverse medical conditions including hernia surgeries, abdominal wall reconstructions, surgeries on the breast, and many others.
  • There are numerous medical processes followed by him which involve pancreatectomy, cholecystectomy, gastric binding, and so on.
  • His vast knowledge and years of experience made it possible for the patients to trust him more and his treatment procedures as well.

Dr. Saumitra Saha 

  • Dr. Saumitra Saha is a well-known minimal access expert and bariatric surgeon, with more than 29 years of experience in the field.
  • He has expertise in dealing with surgical GI, breast surgery, peripheral surgery, and surgical oncology.
  • He provides invaluable assistance to many hospitals and patients in and around the world.
  • His empathetic attitude toward his patients, deep understanding of the surgical aspect, and experience give positive outcomes to the patients.

Dr. Prajesh Bhuta 

  • Dr. Prajesh Bhuta is a well-recognized and leading bariatric and laparoscopic surgeon who has been dealing with general surgeries for more than 22 years now.
  • He has mastered the art of various advanced medical procedures like stapled apoplexy, laser treatment for piles, surgery for colitis, and many others.
  • He has advanced knowledge and training in dealing with minimally invasive visceral surgery from Hamburg Germany.
  • He has offered positive outcomes to thousands of patients and impacted their lives in a great way.

Dr. Ajit Naniksingh Kukreja 

  • Dr. Ajit Naniksingh Kukreja is an advanced laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon, with more than 29 years of experience in dealing with surgeries in this field.
  • He not only contributed his best efforts in the medical field by offering surgeries to patients but also trained many young surgeons with his knowledge and experience.
  • He has a specialization in dealing with surgeries including piles, fissures, fistula, thyroid, and various urology conditions.
  • He is known for giving a high success rate of treatment to his patients.

Dr. Ramen Goel 

  • Dr. Ramen Goel is one of the best bariatric surgeons in India, with more than 33 years of expertise in the field.
  • He has mastered dealing with various surgical procedures including laparoscopic gastric band surgery, banded gastric bypass surgery, and many others.
  • He is the first surgeon in India who has performed laparoscopic gastric band surgery and banded gastric bypass surgery.
  • His specialized training in bariatric surgeries from France and the USA helps him in offering high result rates to his patients.

India offers quality medical treatments and services to all its medical tourists. Various best bariatric surgeons in India support its vision of delivering high-quality medical services to patients all around the world at an affordable price. Indian advanced medical infrastructure and innovative medical approaches are the major components that are increasing its value as a popular medical tourist place. Indian hospitals have a well-trained staff who treat patients with empathy and care. Many patients visit India to get a rich medical experience along with positive health outcomes. 

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