Benefits of Buying GS1 Barcodes: The Only Authorized Source

GS1 barcodes are integral for product identification, supply chain efficiency and inventory management on a global scale. In India, acquiring barcodes from GS1 India which is the only authorized source is of paramount importance for businesses.

Opting for barcodes verified by GS1 India ensures adherence to international standards, and makes a company’s reputation stronger in the global marketplace. Authorized source guarantees compliance with required specifications, reducing the risk of barcode duplication or identification errors. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also protects businesses from potential legal consequences associated with unauthorized barcodes.

Moreover, procuring barcodes from GS1 India supports seamless collaboration with trading partners, as these barcodes are universally recognized. This interaction streamlines various processes, including order fulfilment and invoicing, promoting a more coordinated and reliable supply chain. 

In essence, the advantages of obtaining GS1 barcodes positions businesses for success in an interconnected and competitive market, ensuring their products are accurately identified and trusted throughout the supply chain. 

Understanding GS1 Barcodes

GS1 standards are globally recognized protocols that ensure accurate and consistent product identification. These standards, maintained by GS1, act as an interface across industries and geographical boundaries. Adhering to GS1 standards guarantees that each product is assigned a unique identifier, enabling seamless integration into the global supply chain.

Types of GS1 Barcodes

  • GTIN-12 (UPC): A 12-digit Global Trade Item Number commonly used in North America, primarily for retail products.
  • GTIN-13 (EAN-13):  A 13-digit Global Trade Item Number, widely adopted internationally and utilized for products outside North America.
  • GTIN-14 (ITF-14): A 14-digit identifier used for cartons, pallets, and containers, ensuring efficient tracking in logistics.

Each GS1 barcode type serves a specific purpose in product identification, contributing to standardized and streamlined global commerce. 

Importance of Unique Identification:

In the global supply chain, using GS1 barcodes for unique product identification is crucial. It helps cut down on mistakes in managing inventory and fulfilling orders. These barcodes make it easy for all stakeholders to track products from where they’re made to where they’re distributed. This tracking not only ensures accountability but also protects against fake products and keeps everything in line with regulations.

In simpler terms, adopting GS1 standards and unique identifiers makes the entire global supply chain work efficient. It builds consumers’ trust and makes business operations smoother by providing a reliable system for identifying and tracking products. GS1 India is a Non-profit organization, therefore their pricing is transparent and visible to all on the GS1 India website. 

Advantages of Purchasing GS1 Barcodes from an Authorized Source

  1. Guarantee of Uniqueness and Global Recognition:

Barcodes obtained from GS1 India which is the only authorized source, ensure each product’s distinctive global identity, averting duplication concerns and ensuring international compatibility.

  1. Compliance with Industry Standards and Regulations:

Procuring barcodes from an authorized source guarantees adherence to industry benchmarks and regulations, offering businesses a secure path to navigate diverse markets without legal complications.

  1. Enhanced Supply Chain Efficiency and Accuracy:

GS1 barcodes minimize errors in inventory management and order fulfillment, contributing to a more efficient and precise supply chain.

  1. Improved Patient Safety and Tracking Capabilities:

Particularly crucial in healthcare, GS1 barcodes enhance patient safety by precisely tracking pharmaceuticals and medical devices, reducing the risk of errors.

  1. Integration with Existing Systems and Interoperability:

GS1 barcodes seamlessly integrate with existing systems, ensuring interoperability and facilitating smooth communication across different platforms and supply chain partners.

  1. Support and Services Provided by an Authorized source:

Only authorized source GS1 India provides valuable support and services, guiding businesses in barcode implementation, troubleshooting, and maintaining compliance with evolving industry standards. 

Opting for GS1 barcodes guarantees not only the reliability of the barcode but also brings diverse benefits, positively impacting various aspects of business operations and industry compliance.


How to Identify the Authorized Source

In the dynamic landscape of Indian business, obtaining Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) or barcodes from  GS1 India is crucial for seamless supply chain operations. To ensure you’re purchasing from GS1 India, follow these steps:

Visit the Official GS1 India Website:

Start your verification process by visiting the official website of GS1 India.
Contact GS1 India Directly: When in doubt, reach out to GS1 India directly. GS1 India can provide information on any concerns related to potential fraud or unauthorized sales.
Review Client Testimonials and Case Studies: Check for client testimonials and case studies on GS1 India’s website. Positive feedback and real-world examples can provide insights into reliability.
Educate Your Team: Ensure your procurement team is well-informed about the importance of sourcing GTINs from GS1 India. Equip them with the knowledge to reach out to GS1 india website or contact directly based on the contact information mentioned on their website. 

In conclusion, these simple steps empower businesses to minimize the risk of dealing with unauthorized GS1 sources in India. By opting for GS1 which is the only authorized source, you can confidently obtain GTINs that adhere to industry standards, contributing to a robust and efficient global supply chain. 


In summary, opting for GS1 India brings several benefits. It ensures compliance with industry standards, minimises the risk of fraudulent transactions, and contributes to the seamless functioning of the global supply chain. By following the outlined steps, businesses can confidently obtain legitimate GTINs for their products.

For businesses aiming for a secure and efficient supply chain, it is imperative to register for GS1 barcodes. Legitimacy not only safeguards against potential risks but also fosters trust and reliability in business operations.

For further inquiries or to obtain GS1 barcodes, visit the official GS1 India website at Ensure authenticity of your GTINs and contribute to a standardized and reliable global marketplace. Your commitment to an authorized source is a key step towards a secure and interconnected business ecosystem.

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