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Before hiring a Roofing Contractor how many quotes are required?

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The meaning of a well-maintained roof in your home cannot be extravagant, emphasising the essential need for proper roof repairs or replacement. When undertaking such projects in Birmingham, engaging a professional roofing company that meets your requirements comprehensively and ensures your house’s careful and professional roofing is essential.

While hiring a roofing contractor may seem straightforward, identifying a competent contractor that perfectly aligns with your needs can be challenging. So, how do you differentiate a competent contractor from an unable one? In truth, certain distinctive features set knowledgeable Roofing Contractors in Birmingham apart from unqualified colleagues.

Before selecting a roofing contractor, verifying if the contractor maintains a physical office you can visit for inquiries or to address any concerns is crucial. Opting for a contractor with a physical office is advisable to prevent potential inconveniences. S. Tomic Roofing LTD is available to provide top-notch services for your home renovation project. Contact us today or send an email to schedule a free assessment.

While the initial contractor’s estimate may be reliable, it is advisable to seek two additional estimates to make an informed decision. When assessing the cost of the job, consider the following factors:

The Contractor:

Base your evaluation on the contractor’s likelihood to stand behind their warranty and provide the promised service over the next two to five years when imperfections are likely to occur.

Quality and Completeness of the Roof System:

Ensure the complete roof system includes proper ventilation and waterproofing shingle underlayment, suitable for your region and home’s structure.

Quality of Product Choices:

Be prepared to pay a higher price for designer or architectural shingles. Seek clarification from your contractor regarding product selection.

Completeness of the Contractor’s Insurance Package:

Protect yourself from involvement in worker injuries, third-party liabilities, and damages resulting from the work being performed.


Never solely judge the value of proposals based on the lowest bid received. A low price may indicate discrepancies and shortcomings in the contractor’s reliability.

Tips For 2024: Read this if you want to hire In-House Roofers.

Opting for in-house roofing teams may seem cost-effective due to the discussed terms, but they lack the vitality of third-party contractors consistently engaged in various projects. For superior roofing repairs, replacements, and installations, selecting professional roofing contractors, although potentially expensive, proves to be a wise investment with guaranteed results.

Time Efficiency:

In-house teams may grasp the roofing processes but lack field experience, leading to extended project timelines and potential errors. Outsourced roofing contractors provide precise project schedules, manage logistics, and ensure a streamlined process, saving you valuable time.

Guaranteed and Certified Labor:

Reputable roofing contractors, like Cox Roofing, employ certified labour with warranties from material manufacturers. This ensures the longevity of roofing materials and provides property owners recourse through warranties for labour spanning 1-3 years.

Tried-and-Proven Professional Roofers:

Experienced roofers in professional services apply theoretical knowledge to practical applications, consistently delivering top-tier results. Esteemed commercial roofers, such as Cox Roofing, boast exceptional roofing teams, contributing significantly to project success.

Contractor-Safety Insurance:

In-house teams necessitate employer responsibility, including material reimbursements and safety insurance. Outsourced professional roofers assume responsibility for their team’s safety, included in their training and contracts, providing peace of mind for project owners.

Roofing Contractors

Satisfied Client References:

While in-house roofers may have limited experience, third-party contractors offer recent client references. Accessing these references allows you to evaluate a roofer’s capabilities based on actual project outcomes.

Suppose you’re seeking reliable Roofers in Solihull. Trust S. Tomic Roofing LTD, with decades of industry experience, to deliver optimal project results. Contact us today to explore how we can meet your roofing needs.

Here are reasons to request a comprehensive roof warranty from your roofer:

A roof warranty shields you against the inconvenience and potential expenses associated with a defective roof from the manufacturer. In cases where the roofer is not responsible for the fault, the warranty becomes the essential avenue to have the manufacturer replace the roof without incurring additional costs.

Some roofing warranties encompass both material and workmanship coverage. Opting for a warranty that includes both ensures that the roofer will rectify any errors made during the roof installation or repair at no extra charge. Choosing reputable roofers for your home improvement projects minimises the likelihood of workmanship errors during installation or repair.

Given the substantial cost of roof repairs or replacements, a roofing warranty provides peace of mind. Knowing that you are protected financially in the event of any unforeseen issues not caused by your actions allows you to entrust the resolution to your roofer without additional financial liability. In conclusion, a roof warranty is a crucial aspect of any roofing project, offering homeowners financial protection and peace of mind.


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