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A Comprehensive Guide to Piso Wifi of 2024

You would know that whether are in the office, at home, library, or anywhere else you are provided with an open signal to which you can connect easily. The Internet is playing an important role in every person’s daily routine. It is considered one of the world’s most used resources. Most of the users are not only using the internet but are dependent on the internet for entertainment, educational purposes, and many more. The users may also say that they cannot imagine their life without the Internet.

In today’s life, almost every house is having a wi-fi connection. The person has never thought about what would be the life without an internet connection. You need not have to panic. The person can rely on piso wifi. Piso wifi is one of the most popular telecommunication networks which is being operated by paying coins. Through this article, the user would be getting information regarding piso wifi time. 

Introduction of piso wifi

Most of the users prefer piso wifi is considered one of the effective and smooth service providers that provide services at affordable prices. It is providing users with great connectivity for the smart devices and other gadgets. This service allows the user to create their wi-fi network and it is considered one of the best options if you are looking for the pirate network for your home or office. Through this, your data which is in the devices are safe and secure.

Origin of piso wifi

Earlier this Piso wifi was started by the name of Pisonet which was considered an arcade-style internet cafe. Pisonet was a separate stateroom where people were charged in piso. Then it got famous by the name of pisonet. In 2011, the internet rooms were launched and then replaced by the piso wifi vending machines. 

About piso wi-fi

At that time, Piso was considered one of the Philippines’ most prominent internet service providers. In 2017, piso wifi vendo was established and it gained a lot of popularity in a very short period. Due to the increase in popularity, the prices of pisonet increased and some people are not able to afford the expensive web package. Then AdoPiSoft has provided internet facilities to the people at affordable rates. The vending machines are helping those people who are not able to afford a lot of money to get internet access. It is just an internet service which is allowing the user to buy data. These machines are located in different areas which provide instant and high-speed internet connection to the people. piso wifi has the goal of providing an internet connection to people for their personal or any professional work. 

Cost of piso wifi

If the person wants to buy Piso wifi then they have to pay 18,999. Some of the freebies that the person is getting along with Piso wifi are as follows:

  1. 1pc 3*4 tarpaulin 
  2. Lifelong support
  3. This provides the users with a warranty period of three months. 
  4. 1pc outdoor CPE antenna.

How to login piso wifi?

The process of setup is as easy as the process of login. Some of the steps which are involved in the login process are as follows:

  1. If the person wants to log in to wifi then they have to visit any of the web browsers as per the choice.
  2. In the web browser, the person has to type “” or “”. Then they have to press enter.
  3. Once the person presses enter, a page will be opened which will ask you for the login credentials like username and password. Then the person has to enter a valid username and password for the signup process. 
  4. After entering the login details, the person has to click on the login button. When you click on it, you will be visiting the router’s admin panel. 
  5. On this page, the person would be able to change various settings according to the requirements like wifi settings, WAN, LAN, and many more. 


If the person is setting up the router at home, then it is a good chance to set up by using a IP address. This is considered as one of the best options who are not able to pay a high amount of internet charges. This is not the only reason for setting the Piso wifi. One of the reasons is that it provides the users with a secure private wi-fi network. If you want to know why can’t you connect to Then, you must read this article for more updates.


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