Reports suggest Pac-12 won’t invite San Diego State before July 21 (if at all)


If you are looking for any signs of what the Pac-12 might do, and when it might do anything, we are getting some indications.

Pac-12 reporter and columnist John Canzano, at his Substack, gathered some comments from sources who are close to the Pac-12’s media rights and expension discussions.

“How are they feeling about the media deal?

“Said one member of the Pac-12 CEO Group: ‘All good, but our timing is not being driven by media narratives or others’ deadlines.’

“The second part of that quote — ‘others’ deadlines’ — feels aimed the San Diego State conundrum. The Mountain West Conference presidents are meeting on Monday to discuss the Aztecs’ membership status.”

So there you have it. If the Pac-12 felt the need to get in front of this story, it would try to make an invitation to San Diego State by Monday or maybe Tuesday, but no one seems to be in any hurry. If that’s the case, it’s probable — though not certain — that the Pac-12 doesn’t feel the need to announce a media rights deal anytime before Pac-12 media day on Friday, July 21.

None of this is wrong or misguided; it is merely a revelation of the conference’s approach. It doesn’t think it will be beneficial to announce a deal before media day and then add details on media day. July 21 might therefore be the day when the conference shares its big news with the world (if it is ready, which is no guarantee at all).

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