Notre Dame athletic director stands by football independence


Seemingly every few months different college football programs nationally align themselves with new conferences and included in nearly every reactionary piece written or spoken is “what does it mean for Notre Dame?”

Whether its Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC or USC and UCLA to the Big Ten, anytime a move happens the world wants to know what it means for Notre Dame.

Well, according to the current Notre Dame athletic director, not a single thing. Tyler Horka of sat down with Jack Swarbrick recently and his words don’t make it appear independence is going away for the Irish anytime soon.

“Every one of these stories is about us. What’s Notre Dame going to do? It’s reinforcing our positioning.

“There have been times when people thought giving [independence] up was inevitable. I don’t get that sense right now.”

Of course the two key words in that whole comment are “right now”.  Obviously, things can change and force Notre Dame’s hand, but that doesn’t seem the case for the time being.

If all things are equal, or at least in the same ballpark, Notre Dame won’t change independence anytime soon.  Until the difference in TV-money is too great or the ability to compete for a national championship goes away, this won’t be changing anytime soon.

Much to the chagrin of pretty much anyone without a connection to the Notre Dame program.


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Story originally appeared on Fighting Irish Wire


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